Spot Lab Culture at the Michelin Star Revelation Event

Spot Lab Culture at the Michelin Star Revelation Event

We have some exciting news! Lab Culture’s ‘Lime All Yours, Basil’ was selected to be showcased at the Michelin Star Revelation event held at the Hurlingham Club in Fulham, London.

The event is for Chefs and those in the restaurant industry to attend to see if they have been awarded any Michelin Stars for 2020.

SIBA (Society of Independent Brewers) took their new bar to the event and served our lime and basil brew to the Chefs and high-end restaurant industry representatives present at the event.

The purpose of this was to position beer as a real competitor to wine for restaurants in all senses – quality, provenance, flavour, and the ability to pair well with food. The event proved how Chefs were often knowledgeable and enjoy wine, therefore the Beer Menu created by SIBA worked extremely well. It was formatted similar to a wine menu, which made it familiar to the Chefs and was easy to understand.

Renowned beer writer and sommelier Melissa Cole attended the event to discuss the beers on offer and how they can be paired with particular food and dishes. Melissa also wrote the tasting notes for the menu, breaking down some very complex beers into something that was easily understood.

Michael Capewell, Founder of Lab Culture, stated that “this was such an exciting opportunity for our beers to be showcased to an audience of Chefs and representatives from the high-end food industry. This is a market that we haven’t tapped into before, so this is a huge deal for us. We definitely believe that beer is a strong competitor to wine in regard to flavour and its pairing with food, and we love that ‘Lime all yours, Basil’ was used to prove this. A big thank you to SIBA for this

If you are interested in trying our brew ‘Lime all yours, Basil’ or any of our other beers, please get in touch on 01527 362 910 or email us at

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Our beer is now for sale on the Eebria trade website, meaning you can get your hands on our beer regardless of location. Click here and have a gander.

Alternatively, for local trade customers looking for collection or delivery, (the latter being dependant on location), please get in touch by phone or via the online contact form, giving details of your requirements. You can also download our Trade Order Form and send any orders over to Samples are available on request provided they are in stock.

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