The story of Lime & Basil

The story of Lime & Basil

Fish and chips, peanut butter and jelly, (even Ant and Dec) are well-known partnerships that we’ve all heard about. But here at Lab Culture, we think that Lime and Basil should have their time to shine.

Hot off the launch of one of our newest brews, ‘Lime, All Yours Basil’, an updated version of our extremely popular small batch run (002) Lime Basil Saison.

Initially, the Lime and Basil Saison was released in early 2019 as a limited production bottled beer to celebrate our relationship with Fresh Heights but, due to all the positive feedback we have brought it back.

It is now available in both 440ml cans & 20/30 litre kegs. Just one of our new and exciting speciality range alongside our award-winning chocolate milk stout (now renamed ‘Dairy Milk Stout’) and many more to be revealed soon…

We want to give you the inside story on why Lime and Basil makes such a delicious
sweet-tasting beer!

The backstory
In short, this concoction creates a sweet, fragrant treat with a punchy citrus taste. The brew is a Saison, which uses special yeasts which allows for a second fermentation when bottled.

The Saison is brewed with pale malts and is well dosed with English and Belgian hop varieties. The hop notes are citrus and fruity, further enhancing the flavour of the lime.

How do you add it in the beer?
The fresh Lime Zest and juice along with freshly harvested basil from our neighbouring vertical farm is poured into the hot wort during the final stages of the brewing process.

The mix is then heated to saturate the wort with the delicious taste and aromas before it goes onto the fermenter.

Traditionally, Basil in the UK is grown through the summer months as it needs the longer day length and higher temperatures to grow.

For the guys over at Fresh Heights however, where all of the crops and herbs have unlimited artificial sunlight to help them bloom into deliciousness, its summer all year round and our basil can be grown in the UK just when we need it.

Dare to try our latest brew? Or if you just wanted more information, please get in touch with us on 01527 362 910.

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Our beer is now for sale on the Eebria trade website, meaning you can get your hands on our beer regardless of location. Click here and have a gander.

Alternatively, for local trade customers looking for collection or delivery, (the latter being dependant on location), please get in touch by phone or via the online contact form, giving details of your requirements. You can also download our Trade Order Form and send any orders over to Samples are available on request provided they are in stock.

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