Our Passion

Our Passion

Albert Einstein once famously said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”, a sentiment we advocate in all we do. It is our mission to minimise the environmental impact of food production, but that is not all. Being idealists, we envisage doing so whilst creating a circular economy; A what? Simply put, our systems are designed to extract maximum value from their wasted resources, starting with wasted heat from our vertical farm which we now use to power our brewery.

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Our beer is now for sale on the Eebria trade website, meaning you can get your hands on our beer regardless of location. Click here and have a gander.

Alternatively, for local trade customers looking for collection or delivery, (the latter being dependant on location), please get in touch by phone or via the online contact form, giving details of your requirements. You can also download our Trade Order Form and send any orders over to ask@labculture.co.uk. Samples are available on request provided they are in stock.

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